Together with the lovely team of Chasmaistriv I created this Advent Calendar for Christmas 2020. It is a Quest-map, with letters and stickers from 30 different Santa Clauses from all over the world! I never knew there were so many different Santa's, did you? Enjoy watching the project!
Babbo Natale and Santa Claus
Turkey: Khizir Ilyas, Noel Baba Russia: Ded Moroz Bulgaria: Dyado Koleda Greece: Saint-Basilius Ethiopia:Yagena Abat New Zealand: Santa Claus Romania: Poland: Saint Niklas Norway:Nisse Iceland trolls: Stekkjarstaur, Stufur, Giljagaur. Ireland: Dadi na Nola Germany: Saint Niklas, Christkind, Weihnachtsman. Vietnam:Tao Kuen United Kingdom: Santa Klaus and Jack Frost. India: Lakshmi Japan: Oji-san and Santa Claus Colombia: Daddy Pasquale France: Père Noel Sweden: Jultomten Spain: Olenztero China: Dong Che Lao Ren Mogolia: Uvlin Uvgun The Netherlands: Saint Niklas and chimney Piet Finland:Yolupukki Slovakia: Mikulas Lithuania: Senyalis Shaltis Ukraine: Saint Niklas.
Santa Claus

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