Jasmijn Solange Evans

Is an artist working and living in Utrecht, Holland. 
Graduating in illustration Design at ArtEZ institute of the Arts, 
her work mainly focuses on illustration, design, packaging and 
illustrated maps. Bright and vibrant colours are a signature of her 
work and central in the realisation of her imaginative stories.
She paints with traditional media and is also skilled in Adobe Photoshop
and Illustrator. Her clients include: KLM, BBC and Disney.

2016- Illustrated map | By Carolina Amell                                                                             
2016- All About Maps | By Sandu Cultural Media
Awards & nominations:
2019- Vertex Awards 2019: GOLD WINNERS (Albert Heijn Hagelslag)
2019- Behance Design Trend (Albert Heijn Hagelslag)
2018- ArtEZ Ondernemen                                                                                                      
For daily updates of my work follow me on Instagram                                                                                                    

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